The Ultimate Guide To Becoming An Influencer

Becoming an Influencer on Social Media

First an foremost you have decide what platform you are going focus on.  In the words of Gary Vee "You have a pillar" and then everything else will filter out from that. 

For example If its youtube, you will have one piece of main content that can be split up on all the other social medias.  

What's You Passion?

Influencer VidaThreads Passion

People often get too deep with this question, which at times then causes inaction.  All this is asking, what do you like to do? Can you work with a brand to promote that thing?

For example, you are a vegan, you post about vegan related topics.  Get in touch with vegan related brands to see how you can work with them to promote that life style.

You might be passionate about a few things, thats ok too.  Do you love fashion? street style? modelling? fitness? Become a spokesperson within that arena and start reaching out.

Create An Interesting Bio

Does your bio pop? What set you aside from the next person? Try to show your personality and your character, but make sure it matches with the platform.  

For example, dont have the same bio for your Snapchat and your LinkedIn. 

The bio is one of the first things that is looked at by brands.

Share Your Stories

If you want to become an influencer, you have to be someone people trust.  This trust is built through connecting with your follower on an emotional level.  When you post something, do you get back to the people who comment / like / retweet etc...

This interaction creates trust and builds relationships.  Its not all about following these days.  There are companies like Fohr who can detect bought followers, views, likes or comments.  Big companies are using Fohr to see which influencers are verified and can be trusted.  

Think about the long games, whats your goal and how are you going to achieve it.  

Post Content Consistently

No days off.  Its as simple as that. 


As all social medias have their own "algorithms" the all have a consistent message, if you aint posting, you aint relevant.  Make sure you have something for everyday.  You could check out lists of daily hashtags to plan out your week and your posts.

Be Committed To The Grind

Nothing happens overnight and its not going to be easy.  However, if you commit to the process and become a practitioner of the grind and hustle, people will notice that and notice you.  A great way to start is using Gary Vees Instagram approach.  

  1. Select 10 hashtags to follow
  2. Leave 10 comments on 10 different posts per hashtag
  3. Respond to each interact when required

This sounds simple, but trust me its easy for a week, but what about a month? What about 6 months? That why its better to become a practitioner of the hustle.  

In Closing

The Recap

Choose your social pillar

Choose you passion(s)

Create a bio

Document your journey

Be consistent

Commit to the grind

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